Thursday, February 26, 2009


What a fun meeting we had! Our team got together and shared ideas, ate lots of chocolate, made some fun bags and gift ideas, at lots of chocolate, got to know each other, ate lots of chocolate, laughed, ate lots of chocolate, celebrated our top sales for the year and ate more chocolate. Everyone brought their favorite chocolate dessert, and depending on which chocolate bar we chose from the dish, we told certain things about us and what helps our business. Thanks to all of my wonderful team for coming and sharing. We also sported some fun heartshaped sunglasses with the tag 'chicks in charge' We each wrote on these glasses as a reminder to us throughout the year of what we can do to be in charge of our business.

If you would like to join our fabulous team of women and have some great times, while making money with the most fantastic Scrapbooking company, email me or call me today. There is a FANTASTIC consultant sign on special coming up during March. You will want to take advantage of the great offer.

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