Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday Banner.... Its Reversible!!

Here is a fun idea shared by my friend jody Peck. It is our new My Creations Banner! It is reversible! She made it into a birthday banner. One side is more for boys and the other for girls. This little banner comes just plain white, and YOU decide what your banner will say. They are fantastic.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The other Nine...

Nine plus 4 makes 13. We had Christmas with 9 of our 13 Grandkids. Try getting that many kids to pose for a picture on CHRISTMAS MORNING...

Update on my cutest new Blessing!!

Where oh where does the time go. Two days before Christmas we got a new little surprise at our house (well not really at our house....) but at my daughters. Number 13 fabulous grand child was born. I love the picture under the tree. Her husband put him under the tree on Christmas morning and send us the picture stating....look what santa brought us. So happy for their family. We had the privilage of traveling to Idaho this month (yep we were silly enough to try to travel through Wyoming in the Winter) All went well, weather wise, and we got to see both daughters and our 4 grandchildren that live out there. We had the two little ones blessed. Proud big sisters were fun to see too. Thought I would share the happy highlights of our trip.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

February Stamp of the Month fun...

The Stamp of the Month for February is called Friendship! Enjoy some fabulous artwork done with this set. My team of consultants has a swap each month, and we share ideas. These are some of their artwork. Enjoy. To find out how to earn this set free, email me at
Submitted by Haley Dyer (directions on her technique: Choose a solid stamp and some pretty patterned paper.
1. Stamp image in Versamark ink onto patterened paper
2. Sprinkly with clear embossing powder and heat set
3. Using a rubber brayer, apply a dark ink over the entire patterened paper and embossed image. It will take many times to cover the paper.
4. Let dry for a bit (but it doesnt have to be completely dry)
5. Using a wadded up tissue or piece of paper towel, gently buff the embossed image to remove the resisted ink.
6, Let dry completely and use on your project

Shared by Chris Hill

shared by Camy Eisentrager

Beautiful artwork by Tonya Stone

Gorgeous card made by Katie Van Roekel

Thanks Bridget for this fun card idea

Fun paper flower on this card made by Taralyn

Pearls and pearl paint add a little glitz on this card from Pam Beery

Monday, January 3, 2011

January Stamp of the Month Inspiration!!

These fabulous cards were shared by a fellow consultant. Enjoy! See even more ideas below. (Thanks Chris G for sharing)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

January Stamp of the MONTH ideas...

Here are a FEW samples of some gorgeous cards you can create using our new January Stamp of the month and the WINGS paper packet. Visit my website today to see all the FABULOUS deals you can get this month on new product and WINGS workshop kit. You will LOVE it. A HUGE thanks to my talented team members for creating some of these cards!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cheaper by the Dozen!!

Another fun filled day of Scrapbooking is waiting for you!! We call it Cheaper by the dozen, because for one will create a dozen (12) layouts!! All in one day!! Your kit will have pieces cut for 12 pre-designed layouts. These are Winter and Spring based, but most of them are kept pretty generic so you can eaisly use them for another layout to go with your photos.... Most pages do not have a pre-set title but you will receive a package of letter so you can create your own title for your own theme!! This class is almost filled up!! 3 Spots left is all. RSVP your spot today..... or purchase your 'kit' that you can do on your own. Photos and instruction are included. A DOZEN gorgeous layouts.... everything included.... all for $50 Lunch is included. RSVP today.....

Christmas .... 'Miracle"...????

yep.... this is MY Christmas Miracle. A few days BEFORE Christmas we decided to do this little project. I had been slowly (when I had spare time to do some fun scrapbooking) putting OLD photos into a scrapbook. This little album began in the year 1975 and began with photos of Scott and I first married in our first little mobile home. I had completed up to 1985... when I had this hair brained idea to FINISH IT and scan the layouts... put them on a DVD and give all 6 of my kids a dvd with this album on it. Well.... I frantically began. I would scrapbook all day, and Scott would scan them into the computer each night. We worked HARD and completed the task. We put it into a video format, added music and had a dvd for each child Christmas Eve. It went from 1975 thru the curren 2010. It included the childhood memories of 6 children, their weddings, and each of the then.... 12 grandchild. I say then.... because 2 days after completing our project, #13 was born! As Scott and I sat and watched our finished project.... their were lots of tears of joy as we 'watched' our life on screen. I am SO excited and am so greatful that I was able to preserve those memories not only on the dvd, but in 3 HUGE albums. Thank You Close to my Heart for giving me the means to accomplish this.
Now on to 2011.....

Building Houses!!! (or eating them....)

One of our new family traditions is to create little gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve. We started this last year, and it was a welcomed back event this year. The kids were all a little older and really had fun. They each get a little gingerbread house and LOTS AND LOTS of options for building. A can of frosting each and off they go. What a fun thing to watch as their little eyes take a look at all the trimmin's and have a hard time deciding .... should this go on my house or in my mouth.

I think a little taste to get me started is a good idea....

I think I've got the hang of this. I can take it from here...

Lets see....where to begin!!!

Everyone busy creating their master pieces

Boy....I think I might need to take a lick of this thing. It looks really good. (and he did, but I missed it with my camera!!)

Ta Da...Perfect!!

We had some fun little houses when we were all done. I do think more went into little mouths than went onto houses however....