Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cheaper by the Dozen!!

Another fun filled day of Scrapbooking is waiting for you!! We call it Cheaper by the dozen, because for one will create a dozen (12) layouts!! All in one day!! Your kit will have pieces cut for 12 pre-designed layouts. These are Winter and Spring based, but most of them are kept pretty generic so you can eaisly use them for another layout to go with your photos.... Most pages do not have a pre-set title but you will receive a package of letter so you can create your own title for your own theme!! This class is almost filled up!! 3 Spots left is all. RSVP your spot today..... or purchase your 'kit' that you can do on your own. Photos and instruction are included. A DOZEN gorgeous layouts.... everything included.... all for $50 Lunch is included. RSVP today.....

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