Saturday, January 1, 2011

Building Houses!!! (or eating them....)

One of our new family traditions is to create little gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve. We started this last year, and it was a welcomed back event this year. The kids were all a little older and really had fun. They each get a little gingerbread house and LOTS AND LOTS of options for building. A can of frosting each and off they go. What a fun thing to watch as their little eyes take a look at all the trimmin's and have a hard time deciding .... should this go on my house or in my mouth.

I think a little taste to get me started is a good idea....

I think I've got the hang of this. I can take it from here...

Lets see....where to begin!!!

Everyone busy creating their master pieces

Boy....I think I might need to take a lick of this thing. It looks really good. (and he did, but I missed it with my camera!!)

Ta Da...Perfect!!

We had some fun little houses when we were all done. I do think more went into little mouths than went onto houses however....

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