Sunday, June 7, 2009

MORE DEALS to come!!!

WOW, the DEAL of the DAY has been so fun! From FREE Mini albums to FREE Just Blooms and Ribbon Rounds and even a half price goodie box!! I can't wait to hear from everyone to see what they got in their mystery goodie box!! You are not to late if you haven't been able to order yet. There are 24 more Days of DEALS! One new one EACH DAY!! More Free product and 5 more days where a goodie box will be offered! Check back EVERY DAY so you won't miss out on the DEAL you have been waiting for. Remember to ADD your FREE item at the end of your order (you only have to order ONE set of stamps of your choice to get the FREE product but you have to check that you want the FREE product. That will give you the lower shipping rate and the FREE product. If there are other items you want, you need to place those on a seperate order! com START SHOPPING NOW http://chris.myctmh./

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Lisa said...

I love close to my heart products, I will be wanting some, soon when Gary and I get some money! It's great to know some one in the area! I love your blog and website. It's great to reconnect on Facebook cheek out our blog sometime its