Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Memories

What a fun holiday! We had 4 of our 6 children home for the holidays. Grandchildren bring back the magic of Christmas. We had such a fun time. The big boys even helped Grandpa dig out his old toy train. That was set up in the middle of the room and was a hit with ALL the kids. Even the two year olds learned how to make it go. Lots of fun, food, paper wrappings, giggles, smiles, shouts of joy and messes all made the holiday WONDERFUL. We all made gingerbread houses. Some ate more house components than they did any building with them, but the night was a hit. Here are a few pictures of our Picture Perfect holiday. Hope you enjoyed every memory of yours as well. Lets get together and start making some fun layouts to put these memories on. Two of the "cheaper by the dozen" layouts will be Christmas layouts to help you get going. There are still spots open if you want to join us....Jan 23rd. Email me or call for details. 988-6030

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Haley D. said...

What a fun holiday! I hope Santa was good to you. ;)