Sunday, June 5, 2011

Studio J Challenge #6

My Boy

Kit: Boo
Pattern: Cherish: Treasure Tags
Photos: 1 horizontal, 4 square
Kit Mix 2


Using Text boxes to create your own B&T paper
Manipulating paper colors to change the look and feel of a kit
Putting the layout together:

Drop photos in wells
Drop argyle B&T into top left square (left page), changing color to Autumn Terracotta
Change color of top center square (left page) to Heavenly Blue
Change color of top right square (left page) to Grey Wool
Change color of dot B&T to Grey Wool
Add 1/16" Cocoa mats to all photos.

Finishing Touches:

Create word Puzzle on one small square by adding journaling areas in variously sized Inkling font with no back ground, Heavenly Blue and Colonial White text. Note: Use the scale font and copy/paste features to speed up this process. You may want to turn off snapping during this step. (Snapping is a feature that effects text. You can click it on or off)
Holding down the shift key, select all journaling areas of your word puzzle. Copy and past as a group into other squares as desired. Note: if you can't select all the journaling areas at once, select some of the journaling areas in one step, copy and paste them as a group, then select the remaining areas and copy and paste them as a group.
Colorize the toggle accents as desired. Buttons, button threads, flat ribbons, flat knots, and staples.
Using a mixture of text and My Stickease, create title as follows:
"my" in 40 pt Inkling font, no background, White Daisy text.
"BOY" in My Stickease at 100%, placing the letters individually
Type journaling in journaling well in scaled Inkling font, no background, Cocoa text, center-aligned both left-to-right and top-to-bottom.
Add four My Stickease starts (Small Accents) at 150%, 200%, 150%, 200%
Distress edges of base pages and all paper pieces with sponge in Cocoa adjusting intensity to 75%.

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