Monday, June 4, 2012

Time Flies!!! Save those Memories!

Happy Birthday to my newest TEENAGE Grandchild.  YIKES..... I have two teenager grandchildren now.  Does that mean I am getting old????  Today our 2nd grandchild enters the world of teenage life.  I so remember the day he was born....  Where did 13 years go?  I am so glad I have been a scrapbooker all my life, and I took the time to preserve some of those early memories of each grandchild.  They grow up so fast, and memories fade.  So glad I have beautiful layouts to remind me of those memories. 

We have 13 grandchildren and one more on the way this year.  How do I keep up you might wonder????  With Close to my Hearts fabulous STUDIO J online scrapbooking program.  It is fantastic.  To look at the layouts, you cant tell that they are not adorned with lots of embellishments because they look like they are. I can do it from the digital pictures the kids send me, and they are printed and delivered right to my door.  Here is a layout of one of this teenagers earlier years....

Ask me how easy this is or just visit my website and get started today     click on STUDIO J

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