Friday, February 1, 2013

STUDIO J is Waiting for YOU.... at a GREAT DEAL

Have you EVER tried Studio J?  It is our online scrapbooking program that is OUT OF THIS WORLD FUN!!  It is so fast, fun, easy and G O R G E O U S!!!  Doesnt matter if you are scrapbooking vintage, old ruins or darling grandkids, this is the BEST!!!  I went on a trip to Mexico, Hondurous, and Guatimalia in October.  I finished my album in December.  (I must admit I took a zillion pictures and my book is about 5" thick)  It is ALL DONE quick enough I still rememberd 'what happened'
If you have Not tried it, You will want to, if you have..... and love it you will want to play during February and scrapbook on Studio J...... and take advantage of the GREAT DEAL!!!!  During the entire month of Feburary each 2 page layout is only $5 
Check it out!  No cost until you purchase the layout.  And along with a purchased layout you receive a jgp to use however you wish!!!
Go to my website and click on studio J or click this link to go directly there.

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