Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fun with Fabric Flowers

 For this project, materials needed are card components, a strip of fabric, two cardstock circles, and 4 1" fabric circles.
 Put liquid glass or STRONG adhesive onto one of the 1" cardstock circles.  Start twisting the fabric strip tight. Roll into a spiral circle and place onto the 1" circle.  Press to adhere good.  (you can even add a little drop of liquid glass into the circle of the flower for extra strength.
 For the flower base, add adhesive onto the 2nd cardstock circle.  Fold each circle in half, then into 4ths,  add to circle

 Add spiral coil to the top of the folded petal flower base.  Voila..... a darling fabric flower.
 Add to cards, scrapbook pages, jewelry etc.  The coil flower can also be created using wash tape or handmade wash tape.

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