Sunday, July 26, 2009


... for Christmas Card Makin'

Start now and make your Christmas cards! Get them all ready to go and avoid the rush of the hectic holiday season. Learn how to make at least 96 Christmas cards from ONE set of paper!! (and still have some supplies left over for other Christmas Projects!!)

The Cost of this event includes a deep discount on the new WISHES card making book!! Get your copy along with this workshop if you dont already have it. We will have it pre-ordered and ready for you to use that day! You will need one that day to make the workshop run smooth! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!!

Register and pre-order your supplies by Sept 20th
Patterns may vary if you choose to order a different paper packet.

Email me about choices!!! You have two options for the day!! and and one option for the night before. Check out the details below!

Saturday - OCTOBER 10th 9:00 am
2310 NW 9th - Ankeny IA
REGISTER soon!! This fills up fast!
COST : $20.00
Includes: Entire Paper Packet (you will have LOTS for other projects)
Embellishments for 16 cards
Envelopes for 16 cards

COST: $55 (includes 96 cards and WISHES cardmaking bk)
Includes: Paper Packet
Embellishments for 96 cards
Envelopes for 96 cards
WISHES Cardmaking BOOK at 20% off

COST: $15 (16 cards only)
A different option for 16 cards only is Friday night! Come join us October 9th beginning at
6:00 pm You will make 16 cards! These will be PRE-CUT and you will receive supplies/envelopes for the 16 cards. You can have your 16 cards made in under 2 hours! RSVP your spot today so supplies can be ordered and cut!
RSVP by Sept 20th

Can't make it? Live too far away? Order your 'kit' of supplies and get started making your cards today. I will supply the same perks with your kit, and get it out to you right away!! Order yours today!! Same prices apply!!

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