Sunday, November 22, 2009

10 Things I am Thankful for!!

It has been a fun week! Card making workshop, two Christmas Album workshops, a little Christmas shopping, a little babysitting, seeing the grandkids I dont get to see on a daily basis, watching other grandkids 'shoot a commercial' dr appointments, and more but we topped off the week with an early Thanksgiving Dinner. This year, most of the kids were going to their in-laws house for Thanksgiving so we had ours last night. What a fun time. Lots of giggles, messy faces, food and fun. After they had all gone home, dishes were done, and I was waiting to fall asleep, I took that quiet time to reflect on my top 10 list of things I am thankful for. It has been fun this week to read others post on facebook daily of things they are thankful for. It is so easy to get so busy we forget what is most important. Here is my top 10....

1. FAMILY! First and farmost, I am so thankful for such a great family. My dear hubby (and best friend) and I have 6 fabulous kids and 9 grandkids, (with 2 more on the way) So thankful for parents who taught me the value of the family! Thanks mom and dad. Thanks Scott for making my life the best!! We have been married for 34 fabulous years! So many memories.... so many things to be thankful for. Thanks Scott.

2. My Heavenly Father! So blessed to know I am a child of God and He is there for me and loves me. So thankful for my testimony of the gospel, and for my brother Jesus Christ.

3. HEALTH!! I am appreciating good health more and more each day! Thankful for each day.

4. FRIENDS! What would my life be like without friends. So thankful for those who add fun and enjoyment to my life. Thanks my fun friends!!

5. MEMORIES! I have been working on a scrapbook album of many years ago, when we first got married and began our little family. It has been so fun going back through those memories and 'watching them grow up' through pictures.

6. SCRAPBOOKS!! I love putting together Scrapbooks to hold those memories. Scrapbooking has brought me so many more things to be thankful for.... Some of those are.....

7. CLOSE TO MY HEART! What a great place to work! I became a Close to my Heart consultant in July of 1991. Thinking it would just be an outlet to get the fun products I wanted to use in my papercrafting projects..... I signed up. Has it ever proved to be more than that. I am so thankful I found this fabulous company so many years ago. It has brought me so many more things to be thankful for....

8. CUSTOMERS who have become my friends. Not many people can say they really LOVE their job! I CAN!! I love the fabulous women I have met. They are far more than just customers. I consider them friends. Thank you CTMH for bringing me such fantastic women and for such a great opportunity!

9. My friends AT Close to my Heart Corporate office!! and all other consultants and team members. Besides the friends I have made as customers, I have a fabulous team of fantastic women! They too have become my friends. Thanks to each of you. Thanks also for each of you at Corporate! I am thankful for our friendship and for all the fun times! Looking forward to seeing you in New Zealand! So grateful for all the trips I have earned with Close to my Heart. What a fun way to take my sweetheart on some terrific vacations!!

10. THE SEASON! I am thankful for this time of year, when things get so busy that somehow we figure out how to slow down and really think of all the things that are important to us. So thankful for my life!!

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