Tuesday, May 24, 2011

STUDIO J - BOOT CAMP DAY #1 Getting Started!! JOIN US

A few weeks ago I attended an event at Close to my Heart. It was called Studio J Boot Camp. Let me just say, Studio J is more amazing than I originally thought!!!! I had no idea about some of the fabulous things you can do so easy, on Studio J. Our Vice President of technology showed Studio J to one of his friends (His friend works for Adobe and helped create Photoshop) His comment went something like this.... 'Studio is the best digital scrapbooking program there is. There's nothing like this out there'. I have to AGREE with him. It is FaBuLouS!! This is one of the layouts we created there.
Thanks for stopping by and joining us. Please invite your friends along. Remember, you will want purchase a years membership to enjoy ALL the benifits we will use. It is only $99 and you will be able to access exclusive paper kits, embellishments, patterns and more. along with that you will receive half price pricing on your layouts!! (only 3.25 a page. That is cheaper than photo development+paper+layouts+adhesive+time etc) you will also receive FREE shipping, FREE page protectors AND a JPG file sent to you of your layouts to use any way you choose (blogs, fb, sent to grandma, put on your phone, screen saver, etc)

We will start slow and let you get the feel of STUDIO J then move on to some real fun things you can do!!

Your FIRST ASSIGNMENT Scroll below to previous posts and watch the tutorials if you havent already. You will want to familiarize yourself with a few of the features on studio J. Remember, you can ALWAYS email me with questions.

Click here STUDIO J MEMBERSHIP and get your membership all set up!! You will LOVE IT and have so much fun over the next couple of weeks as we design some fantastic pages. You can set up your account in just minutes!

I have also set up a business page on FB where I will be posting some daily assignments to get you going!! I would love for you to join us!
Stay tuned!! Get ready for some FUN!!

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